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april 2020 - ongoing

initiated by luisa pisetta, matteo zoccolo

radiosuq is an independent collaborative artistic project born in april 2020, a time when making connections and communicating was more necessary and challenging than ever. The idea was conceived between the 2600 km that separate Bolzano from Jerusalem, two cities dear to Laura and Matteo. At the time they were both refusing to produce images for different reasons – Matteo got sucked into a postmodernist spiral of depression and mistrust for representations, especially being in Jerusalem and seeing a connection between his existential troubles and the Palestinian struggle, while Luisa was suffering from being far from Jerusalem and turned out spending most of her lockdown time in Italy creating music with Ableton. Sūq, the Arab word for ‘market’, beautifully expresses our interest in connecting people in a multitude of voices and (placeless) places. Between may and july 2020 radiosuq took the form of an online radio station broadcasting collaborative sound compositions. From october 2021 it evolved into an open WhatsApp group for the free exchange of everyday sounds. future: radiosuq aims at exploring the possibilities of radio-art collaborating with people, but is not bound to a specific medium. The team is now opening up to new members and possibilities. We are planning to use the website as a platform to engage and connect listeners, always trying to twist the power dynamics involved in radio broadcasting – reflecting on the web as a tool and on radio-art as medium.

manifesto [in progress]:
the suq is a place for free exchange and sound experimentation. every broadcast happens only once and is a live performance. the content we make reflects on and resonates with the concept of radio as a placeless, immaterial, non-visual, disseminated and time-based medium. the suq is more like a process.

team: chiara duchi, luisa pisetta, matteo zoccolo
web development: giacomo melacini (mela)
artwork: amedeo bonini