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in short

Born in Italy not long before 2000, I want to give my contribution to a collective change using listening, art, pedagogy, space, self-reflection, dialogue and research as tools. After studying art in Bolzano and Jerusalem, I became aware of my agency. I decided to use my potential by working with people in order to provoke awareness, starting from small things and dreaming of shaping a global network of meaningful connections. I am looking forward to working with you.

what I do

I do things with people. According to the situation, we call what we do together in different ways: art, music, zoom meeting, book, volunteering, dinner, youth work, radio station, social project, gathering and so on. Since I especially care about the organization of this collective something, which always happens in the present, there can even be no product—but when there is, it’s usually freely available and owned by everyone who took part in it. I am also experimenting alternative ways to evaluate and tell a collaborative process, collecting traces and being as inclusive as possible with the people I work with. This practice is important for me because I want to understand what listening is and how we can use it to imagine and create our future.

artist statement

Matteo Zoccolo is a listener and socially engaged artist. Questioning contemporary notions of participation and experiences of togetherness, he initiates and cares for inclusive physical/immaterial spaces for reflection and mutual exchange, encouraging the formation of horizontal groups, communities and networks using enquiry, active listening and pedagogy as tools. Since 2017 he has carried research and initiated/developed long-term and temporary projects in Jerusalem, Bolzano, Linz and Biella—close to his little Italian village of origin. Constantly reflecting and resonating with his surroundings, his transdisciplinary work embraces uncertainty, vulnerability, fluidity, openness and response-ability. Together with his main practice, which is situated and always happens in the here and now, he also seeks to collaboratively develop and establish new instruments and scales to evaluate the impact of an ongoing participatory process. Whether a collective experience/effort may lead to tangible products (e.g. publications, radio transmissions, performances, exhibitions) or leave nothing but ephemeral traces in some people’s minds, he hopes to participate with small but meaningful actions in a potential shift towards a culture of empathy.

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