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december 2020 - ongoing

initiated by Bianca Bauer, Matteo Zoccolo
currently organized by Elnatan Ariel, Matteo Zoccolo

1+1=3 is an international group of people initially gathered by Matteo Zoccolo and Bianca Bauer (bibi) with the idea of producing a magazine where everything could be published without any selection, and the necessity to establish meaningful connections throughout the Covid travel restrictions. This happened thanks to an ecosystem of digital shared platforms which were used to create something available on paper only.
After only one month of a beautiful and unexpected collective effort, we created the issue 1 / december 2020 / or maybe it’s good if it falls apart (72 pages – Alexandra Paal / Alice Regis Milano / Annelie Straub / Balint Petro / Bianca Bauer / Camilla Zali / Charlotte Beigel / Chiara Duchi / Eden Beckerman / Elnatan Ariel / Hannah Schillinger / Jana Stein / Júlia Borbála Farkas / Juliana Vargas Rodríguez / Leon Morelli / Lilli Pfeifauf / Marco Cappa / Marie Elise Hufnagel / Marlene Aigner / Márton Rozsáli / Matteo Zoccolo / Saqer Alkawazba / Tim Bongardt / Tobia Festa Bianchet). The first paper (which might look like a small magazine – an unbound A4 booklet in B/W) was printed and distributed as a present in various cities in Europe and the Middle East. The group, while still being influenced by the initiators’ ideas, was always encouraged to collectively and democratically decide on its organization and structure, the production of its output, and how to deal with the authorship / usership of the content.
A ‘game night’ to share and answer urgent questions was organized and eventually gave a structure to issue 2 / january + february + march + april 2021 / or maybe it’s too good to fall apart (80 pages – Alexandra Paal / Alice Regis Milano / Anjali Arun / Amara Schweisgut / Annelie Straub / Balint Petro / Bianca Bauer / Cajsa Ekstrand / Chiara Duchi / Eden Beckermann / Elnatan Ariel / Hannah Schillinger / Jana Stein / Julian Michael Mintz / Kaja Boudewijn / Kate Kirillova / laura sophie meyer / Leon Morelli / Lotti Beigel / Lynn Mayya / Marco Cappa / Marie Elise Hufnagel / Mariona Pujol Miravent / Marlene Aigner / Martina Vera / Márton Rozsáli / matteo zoccolo / Raphael Bella / Samuele Preda / Tim Bongardt / Tabea Antonacci / Valentina Bonsignore Zanghi). While a hundred copies of the second paper were arriving in Linz with a BlaBlaCar from Serbia, Elnatan was distributing a crazy amount of copies in cafés and meeting points in Jerusalem.
Throughout the past 5 months, several temporary and permanent sub-groups took form within the network of people who gravitate around the idea of 1+1=3: a feminist group, the poetry group (organized by Alexandra), art and politics meetings, a design group and many others. In the past three months the role of the organizers was taken by Kaja and Elnatan, still helped by bibi and Matteo. We are now working on issue 3.

The group is facing change – with the Covid emergency slowly coming to an end (hopefully), people in our network seem to need time off-screen. We are now figuring out a way to strengthen and take care of the connections this project established, keeping this need for physicality in mind. The idea is to start sending letters to each other and see what happens. Meanwhile, the poetry group is still meeting every week and general open Zoom calls are scheduled every 8 days at 20:30 CET.

If you want to get in touch with us, take part in this thing or simply print some copies and distribute them in your city, please contact us here: 1plus1paper@gmail.com