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december 2020 - ongoing

This project provides a space for everything that can be printed black on white paper, by anyone who feels the needs and urges to do so. First of all, we are an inclusive and international network of people contaminating and enriching each other through communication. We share ideas through an ecosystem of digital environments: busy shared google docs, weekly zoom meetings, slack channels, individual chats, endless phone calls, emails. Every third month we print and freely distribute as a gift a new issue of our paper, which contains all that came out of our interactions. The production is decentralized and happens simultaneously in Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Iran, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Palestine, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, United Arab Emirates. This project transcends categorization and is much more than what few pictures and a text can explain - it can be considered a participatory art practice, a pedagogic initiative, a magazine, a social experiment, a necessity in times of confinement…
It’s not our goal to promote individuals, but to encourage a space for collective reflection - created through the diversity of individuals.

The project was initiated by Bianca Bauer and Matteo Zoccolo. It’s recently organized by Elnatan Ariel, Kaja Boudewijn and Matteo Zoccolo.

The people involved are Alessia Zani, Alex Bering, Alexandra Paal, Alice Regis Milano, Anjali Arun, Annelie Straub, Anuk Vokrug, Balint Petro, Beatrice Cera, Berta Ramirez, Bianca Bauer, Cajsa Ekstrand, Camilla Zali, Chiara Duchi, Danica Golic, Eden Beckermann, Elnatan Ariel, Enrico Govoni, Felix Schmale, Fritz Hahn, Hannah Schillinger, hava, Inbar Aviram, Jana Stein, Julia Farkas, Julia Leeann Witas, Julian Michael Mintz, Juliana Rodriguez, Kaja Boudewijn, Kate Kirillova, Kathi Ammann, Laura Sophie Meyer, Leon Morelli, Lidka Jarecka, Lilli Pfeifauf, Lotti Beigel, Luisa Krause, Luisa Pisetta, Lynn Mayya, Mara Schweisgut, Marco Cappa, Marie Hufnagel, Mariona Pujol Miravent, Marlene Aigner, Martina Vera Colella, Márton Rozsáli, Matteo Zoccolo, Max Bendel, Raphael Bella, Robin Gruber, Sager Alkawazba, Samuele Preda, Tabi Antonacci, Tim Bongardt, Tim Rein, Tobia Festa Bianchet, Valentina Bonsignore Zanghi, Yassi Heyer

If you want to get in touch with us, take part in this thing or simply print some copies and distribute them in your city, please contact us here: 1plus1paper@gmail.com