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what can, you and I, do together?

february 2022

Over the course of four days, I asked 80 people what we could do together, and collaboratively collected traces of each encounter by taking notes in a notebook. In an attempt to give concrete form to a vision for our future, I decided to show myself vulnerable and in need of the other, urgently shedding light on what concerns me most—what lies between you and I, our imaginative potential and agency.
As a beautiful excuse to gather ideas and meet people, this performance certainly worked. Now that we have realized that “how?” and “with whom?” are much more interesting questions to ask, it is up to us to use the tools we have and do it together, now.
This work is not a notebook, it is a way of hitchhiking and an underground fungus in the making—eventually, it will become a web.

exhibited at BASE Milano for Moleskine Foundation, AtWork with Simon Njami

performance, a moleskine notebook, pen