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Piacere di conoscerti

may 2018

The raw material of the book Piacere di Conoscerti [Nice to meet you] was gathered during the performative act of greeting people met by chance around 9.00am in the streets of Bolzano (Italy). Interacting with strangers in a public space without any clear reason (e.g. ask for the time or directions) broke the rules of “civil inattention” theorised by Erving Goffman, thus creating situations of discomfort, embarrassment and mistrust. Those reactions are explored by showing for each encounter a phrase, the day, the name of the person and a photo of them from the back. The lack of information is itself information. Some faceless portraits are closer, others disappear anonymously into the everyday landscape of the city. Physical and emotional distance are put in relation.

Currently in the REPLICA artist's book archive collection.
Featured in Pergine Festival (Italy), 2018.

book, 24.5 x 16 x 2cm - 92 pages