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on the awareness of being represented

january 2019

“In front of the lens, I am at the same time: the one I think I am, the one I want others to think I am, the one the photographer thinks I am, and the one he makes use of to exhibit his art.”
Roland Barthes - Camera Lucida

How does a person act as himself or herself in front of a camera? Is it possible to capture his or her “essence” in a picture? What role does the awareness of the photographer and his lens play in altering the subject? 18 people were asked to be photographed in a place where they felt comfortable (usually their home), and to stare at themselves through a mirror for as long as they wanted. The photos are arranged chronologically on a long strip that runs between the pages along the entire length of the book. Every distance between two photos has been calculated with a Javascript code in order to visually render the actual time gap between shots. Continuously shifting between self-awareness and awareness of the camera, most of the subjects managed to experience a sense of detachment and introspection, always interrupted by the shutter sound.

book, 849 pictures, 23 x 23 x 2.5cm - 348 pages