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keep your eyes and ears open

january 2021

with Bianca Bauer, Danica Golic, Annelie Straub

‘keep your eyes and ears open’ marks the starting point of a collaborative research on listening as a tool to connect to the body, others and the space.
The work aims to open up the possibilities of different interpretations and understandings on the topic of listening, investigating the spectrum between internal listening, external hearing and relating to each other in space: listening as the fundament for communication between the performers and an indirect dialogue with the audience.
The performance sets a structure which enables space to react according to the situation through improvisation. Listening to coincidences creates a different narrative each time. The soundscape on stage comprehends pre-recorded sound elements, contact microphones capturing vibrations from the floor and heart of a performer, and the live sounds created by the performers' voices and movements. These circumstances create a unique and unexpected experience for both audience and performers. ‘keep your eyes and ears open’ is a long-term research project undertaken by members of a collective coming from different artistic backgrounds (sound, moving, acting). This enriches the process through the diverse approach to the experience of listening by creating a participatory environment.

concept / performers: Bianca Bauer, Danica Golic, Annelie Straub, Matteo Zoccolo
sounds: live through contact microphones + recordings of Jerusalem in the first lockdown by Matteo Zoccolo