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Junction - مفترق

february 2020

Junction - مفترق took place in Maqam En-Nabi Musa (Jericho, Jerusalem Desert) in February 2020 and its final, tangible outcome is a temporary exhibition and a collective cleaning action of the area. The two months-long process consisted of a series of meetings and events involving 15 artists from all around the world and the local community of Bedouins.
The project welcomed the generous offer of funding from UNDP - United Nations Development Programme, which allowed for the printing of 300 catalogues, the organization of the vernissage and the realization of amazing artworks.
Junction was conceived and organized by Kajetán Tvrdík and Matteo Zoccolo.

curators' statement:
Maqam En-Nabi Musa has been a natural meeting point for centuries. Recently, it came across the path of a very heterogeneous group of international artists, who couldn’t help but fall for the magic of the place, its nature, and the hospitality of its people. This spark immediately turned into a source of inspiration for the group of artists. Over the last 3 months, each artist created their own very personal relationship with and perception of Nabi Musa through intensive periods of engagement with its elements.
JUNCTION is the collective result of these individual perceptions. It is the artists’ expression of appreciation for the place, their unique experience in it and the genuine hospitality it offered them. This product of cultural exchange, personal confrontation, and sincere communication is their gift back to Nabi Musa and its community. This exhibition follows the vision of rehabilitating Maqam En-Nabi Musa to allow and create an open space of exchange through cultural initiatives.

على مدى عدة قرون، كان وما زال مقام النبي موسى ملتقى للبشر من مختلف الاجناس. مؤخرا، وبمحض الصدفة، انتهى المطاف بمجموعة متنوعة من الفنانين الدوليين بالتعرف على المكان والانبهار بسحر طبيعته وحسن ضيافة اهله. ما سارع المقام ان اصبح مصدر الهام لمجموعة الفنانين والـذي قام كل منهم ، وعلى مدى ٣ اشهر، ببناء علاقة شخصية وانطباعات خاصة عن المكان من خلال الامعان والتامل في عناصره المتنوعة. (مفترق) هو النتيجة الجمعية لهـذه الانطباعات. هو تعبير الفنانيين عن تقديرهم للمكان وتجربتهم فيه وكرم الضيافة الذي احسوا به. هذا العمل الذي هو تنيجة تبادل ثقافي ومواجهة وتواصل انساني هو ايضا تكريم من الفنانين للمكان واهله. المعرض الفني يتبع رؤية لاعادة تاهيل مقام النبي موسى كمساحة مفتوحة للتبادل الثقافي من خلال المبادرات الفنية.

Alexandra Bering - Luxemburg
Felix Bernhard - Germany
France-Lan Le Vu - France
Jake Campbell - England
Jana Stein - Germany
Kajetán Tvrdík - Czechia
Katja Aßfalg - Germany
Magdalena Jo Umkehrer - Austria
Matteo Zoccolo - Italy
Merlind Papke - Germany
Mira Reeh - Germany
Mogumoguoisii - Japan
Nami Kuroiwa - Japan
Petra Bašnáková - Slovakia
Rebekah Rubin - United States

project coordinator:
Saqer Alkawazba

Matteo Zoccolo
Kajetán Tvrdík