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hörraum projekt

march 2021 - ongoing

as a reaction to the separation / objectification / exploitation produced by the capitalistic system and considering the current social discourses and global political situation, we now find energy and hope to participate with small but meaningful actions in a potential shift towards a culture of empathy.
especially now we realize the impossibility to sort out solutions and positive narratives as individuals, in a way that could have been possible during the years b.c. (before corona): relations around us are our strength. starting from a critical position towards the art system and the glorification of creative individuals, we feel part of a growing voice speaking up for solidarity and practices of caring - with the wish of going towards more collective efforts and encouraging some sort of social healing. we are eager to leave behind concepts of authorship, artistic expression, recognition, evaluation, artistic masturbation and maybe art in general.
we want to initiate a space where it is possible to experiment new forms of listening in a collaborative environment. as we were seeking a freely accessible / intimate / fluid / physical space, we opted for our living room on the 3rd floor in Waltherstraße 21, Linz (Austria). in the next months we will form and maintain a living community / group of people that are interested in working around this room and researching together the possibilities of listening / deep listening / performance / body movement / happenings / rituals / activism / physical space / gatherings / parties / intimacy / radical openness / companionship / text / music / communication / direct democracy / radio / interruptions / found footage / sonic agency / games / language / storytelling and all that entails or requires the act of listening, used as a tool to reach a more or less ephemeral/temporary common goal. engaging with our and other peopleʼs expectations, we wish to start collective self-reflected processes driven by curiosity and questions, unlearning preconceptions when necessary.
since the modality of working is process-based and the responsibilities are shared within the group, the aim of this project is not yet defined, and maybe it will never be.