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european elections 2019

june 2019

European elections 2019 is the collection of each Instagram Story published within the artist’s network of followers during the European elections and the following day (23-27 May). Among the myriad of contents can be seen a modest amount of awareness to go to vote, the proud exhibition of stamped italian “tessere elettorali” (attesting that one’s duty has been done) and a propaganda that finds more and more fertile ground in social media. Using an analogue medium like the one still used today for the preservation of cinematographic material, 3722 screenshots are transferred frame by frame onto a super-8 film roll. The final work is the digital recording of the attempt to view the content, with its consequent destruction due to the heat of the projector lamp. The paradox is that of an image preserved in a unique copy but accessible only at the price of its permanent deletion.

3722 screenshots in 1h 17’ 22” loop video projection