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an ongoing collective exploration / learning from experiences of togetherness and uncertainty / reflecting on listening is an ongoing practice-based inquiry exploring the role of listening in participatory and relational processes. The research draws on experiences and insights gathered during the past year and a half through the co-initiation and collective development of three long-term, inclusive and relational projects.

The first one, radiosuq, is an online radio station exploring the field of experimental sound through radio-art and transdisciplinary collaborative practices. 1+1=3 took the form of a pamphlet produced and distributed by and among an international network of people mutually contaminating, enriching and learning from each other in an ecosystem of digital environments—especially as a reaction to the physical distancing due to Covid-19 policies. The most recently developed project is hörraum, both an art collective and a physical space hosting initiatives towards group listening practices in Linz, Austria.

The scope of this research is to carry out a reflective analysis of the aforementioned three case studies by engaging in conversation with a number of project companions and external practitionners, contributing to unpack and broaden the question of ‘listening’ from a variety of angles and approaches. A set of qualitative collective reflections in the form of transcribed dialogues was gathered starting from April 2021 and made accessible through an online open format, which is and will be constantly expanded with new content. By applying listening as a methodology, elements of fluidity, uncertainty and open-endedness inevitably shaped this exploration, eventually engendering a fourth collaborative, multivocal, heterogeneous and independent space, which is now to be considered an evolving project of its own.

reflecting on / from / within four spaces:
[r] radiosuq
[1] 1+1=3
[h] hörraum
[e] this exploration

more info on the three projects: www.matteozoccolo.net
for inquiries, collaborations, ideas whatsoever: matteozoccolo@yahoo.it

A warm thank you to everyone who contributed to this research with their energy, time and interesting thoughts—I am learning a lot from you.
Thank you Michele Cerruti But and Beatrice Catanzaro for introducing me to a socially engaged art discourse which transformed my artistic practice.
Thank you Italo Zuffi and Jianan Qu for following and encouraging the initiation of this project with passion, sensibility and kindness.