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lost in translation

june 2020 - ongoing

with Daniella Slonim

A microphone is passed from person to person. Answers are given and questions are asked. Every stranger is just asked to listen to a recording, react to that and then formulate another question. Neither they know who asked the previous question, nor who will answer theirs. Even though no information about the previous participant and their context is given, a lot can be guessed by their voice and background soundscape.
A particular emphasis on language is given by the decision of using English as a lingua franca, that allows for the appreciation of subtle differences suggesting information about the speaker.
Opinions and ideas are exchanged in the distance between different times and spaces. The mediation of the recorder and the choice of participants are not innocent.
Time and space are then compressed in order to reconstruct the flow of a conversation that never took place.
The chain of interactions is potentially endless.

audio, indefinite length. can happen as a performance in the public space